Ball-point pen with mechanism diam.mm.10 with finishes in gold plated or chrome plated metal, plastic large capacity refill and push-button cover in black plastic or in metal. The pen can be joined in parure with the item code V66/SF.

  • V65-RE-WARV65-RE-WAR
  • V65-RE-EV65-RE-E
  • V65-RE-AGV65-RE-AG
  • V65-RE-WFV65-RE-WF
  • V65-RE-SEV65-RE-SE
  • V65-RE-MTV65-RE-MT
  • V65-RE-MBRV65-RE-MBR
  • V65-REAU-HV65-REAU-H
  • V65-RE-MMV65-RE-MM
  • V65-RECR-HV65-RECR-H
  • V65-RE-TV65-RE-T
  • V65-RE-WAV65-RE-WA
  • V65-RE-AV65-RE-A
  • V65-RE-MRV65-RE-MR
  • V65-RE-MARV65-RE-MAR
  • V65-RE-MFV65-RE-MF
  • V65-RE-MPV65-RE-MP
  • V65-RE-NV65-RE-N
  • V65-RE-WTV65-RE-WT
  • V65-RE-MV65-RE-M
  • V65-RE-FV65-RE-F

Technical details

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